Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE)

The Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017, provides that every telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing and certification before its sell or import. The detailed procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) is given in MTCTE procedure document. The testing is to be carried out by TEC designated labs and based upon their test reports certificate shall be issued by TEC. This portal is developed for online administration of Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) processes.

Certification Types offered by MTCTE

  • Type Approval

    Type Approval is the process of testing and certification of telecom product, in accordance with Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Generic Requirements (GR) of the products.

  • Interface Approval

    For conformance with the Interface Requirement (IR) of the product issued by TEC.

  • Certificate of Approval

    Process of testing and certification of telecom product as per Manufacturer’s specifications if TEC does not have GR or IR of the product

  • Technology Approval

    Technology Approval is a process of testing and certification of prototype of a telecom product developed by C-DoT


Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications has notified “Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules” dated on September 2017 which stipulate for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTECTE). Ministry of Communication has released an office memorandum for launch of 6 products, few under SCS and few under GCS scheme dated on July 2019 and this was the first conception from Ministry. 3 more products were added via office memorandum dated on June 2020 and started enlarging the list of products under MTCTE.

Every Telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing and certification as per Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017.It is the responsibility of Original Equipment Manufacturers in India, Importer and Foreign original equipment Manufacturers to get the mandatory testing and certification done before sale of equipment in India. The testing must be carried out in accordance to Essential Requirements(ER) for the telecom equipment under TEC designated CABs within INDIA.

The certified products under TEC shall have the marking label along with MTCTE followed by certificate number.


1. Simplified Certification Scheme

SL No. Product Name Certification Scheme
1 Executive Telephone System SCS
2 NSD or ISD Payphone SCS
3 Electronic Telephone Instrument SCS
4 Key Telephone Systems SCS
5 2-Line Feature Phone SCS
6 Coin Box Telephone SCS
7 Terminals for connecting to PSTN SCS
8 CLIP Phone SCS
9 Audio Conference Facility Device SCS
10 Group3 Fax Machine SCS
11 Modem SCS
13 Cordless Telephone SCS
14 Multiplexing Equipment SCS
15 SDH Equipment SCS
16 PON Family of Broadband Equipment SCS

2. General Certification Scheme

SL No. Product Name Certification Scheme
1 DSL Equipment GCS
2 IoT Gateway GCS
3 Tracking Device GCS
4 Smart Electricity meter GCS
5 Compact Cellular Network GCS
6 Mobile Radio Trunking System GCS
7 Media Gateway GCS
8 Session Border Controller GCS
9 Soft switch GCS
10 DWDM,DXC Equipment GCS
11 Digital Cross Connect GCS
12 End Point device for Environmental Monitoring GCS
13 Feedback Device GCS
14 IP Security Equipment GCS
15 Radio Broadcast Receiver (RBR) GCS
16 Optical Fibre-Single Mode GCS
17 IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment GCS
19 Mobility Management Entity GCS
20 Mobile Radio Trunking System GCS
21 Equipment Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Band GCS
23 Satellite Communication Equipment  GCS
24 VHF UHF Radio System Equipment  GCS
26 PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio systems  GCS
27 Router GCS
28 LAN Switch GCS
29 Precision Timing Protocol Grand Master Equipment GCS
31 Signalling gateway GCS
32 Repeater for Cellular GCS
35 Equipment Identity Register (EIR) GCS
36 Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) GCS
37 OTA Platform and Device Manager Platform/FOTA GCS
38 Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)/ Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) GCS
39 Serving Gateway (S-GW) / Packet Gateway (P-GW) GCS
40 Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) GCS
41 Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC) GCS
42 Service Control Point (SCP) GCS
43 Operation Maintenance Centre  (OMC) / Element Management System (EMS)/ Network Management System (NMS)/ Operation Support Systems (OSS) GCS
44 Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC) GCS
45 Serving Mobile Location Centre (SMLC) GCS
46 Infmiband Switch GCS
47 Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC) GCS
48 Serving Mobile Location Centre (SMLC) GCS
49 Infmiband Switch GCS

As per the Notification released by TEC on 23rd of June 2023, the list of Phase-V Products under TEC, acceptance of application on MTCTE Portal w.e.f 01.07.2023 and Certification becomes mandatory w.e.f 01.07.2024

List of Products under Phase-V

  1. Base Station for Cellular Network for 5G
  2. 5G Core
  3. Hypervisor
  4. E-band Fixed Relay System
  5. Converged Multi Service Application Access Equipment(C-MSAAE)
  6. IP Terminal
  7. Hybrid Set Top Box

How Trio Can Help You?

  • End to End Project Management

  • Interpreting TEC product definitions, to review MTCTE applicability.

  • Local Representative service

  • Work with test labs to maximize platform model certification coverage.

  • Assist in developing model numbering scheme to maximize certificate coverage

  • Preparing application and handling application related queries from TEC.

  • Track and alert customers of upcoming certificate renewals using our inbuilt tracking system.