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ISI Marking for Foreign Manufacturers (FMCS)


Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) offers an ISI Marking scheme for all products covered under the Mandatory List and any other product for which an Indian Standard exists except those covered under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and those products covered under the other certification schemes of BIS like Hallmarking etc.


A simplified process diagram is shown on the left side

Consultation from Trio Technologies

Trio Technologies can consult a foreign manufacturer for the entire process. This includes implementation of a Quality Management System at the factory, Conducting Internal Audits, hand-holding during Management Review Meetings, Conducting Supplier audits, Setting up a robust Quality Management System, helping in thorough and proper completion of application forms, identification of Indian Representative if needed by the factory, translation of documents as needed through authorised translators, coordination for overseas travel of BIS auditors, close follow-up with factory and concerned Indian representative till the certification is obtained. Trio further provides value added services like reminding on the expiration dates of certificates, information and reminders for renewals, helping in updating when there are changes made to the product's design, changes to information related to factory or Indian representative etc.

Normal Timelines

BIS normally takes around 6 months or more for completing each ISI Marking project. See below the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

(reproduced from BIS website as seen on 17 December 2018)

Who will be the AIR

The AIR shall be an Indian resident. He shall declare his consent to be responsible for compliance to the provisions of the BIS Act, Rule Regulations and Terms & Conditions laid down in BIS Licence, Agreement , Undertaking etc. executed by or on behalf of the foreign manufacturer in the foreign manufacturer or a senior person of the branch/office shall be nominated as the AIR. In case, there is no such branch / office established in India or till it is established in India , the foreign manufacturer shall nominate an AIR in the prescribed format on its letter-head.

Whether test report as per IEC or any other standard other than Indian Standard is acceptable?

No, test report as per relevant Indian Standard can only be accepted

What is the timeline for grant of license

Average time taken for grant of licence is generally six months from the date of receipt of complete application and its recording. It may vary for reasons like delay in response to queries raised, if any; organizing inspection(s); transportation of samples and remittance of dues, etc.

Is the payment to be made to BIS in USD or INR

For SAARC countries, the payment can be made in Indian Rupee (INR). For other countries, the payment should be made in USD only

Can I submit one application for different products / Indian Standards being manufactured at the same factory location

No, separate application for each product/ISS is to be submitted for each factory location.

Can I submit one application for one product being manufactured at different locations

No, separate application for each product/ISS is to be submitted for each factory location.

Has the AIR to be Indian resident only

The AIR should be an Indian national & resident of India. However, he can be a foreign national if employed in any office/branch of the manufacturer in India but should be resident of India.

For which products the BIS license is mandatory

BIS licence is compulsory for the products under mandatory certification
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