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865, 25th Main, 11th Cross
HSR Layout, Sector-1, Bengaluru - 560102, INDIA

Brief about us

The name draws from the fact that the company was started by three technically competent professionals. Incorporated during 2009 in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) as a partnership company. The company works mainly in Regulatory Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, Designing, IP creation and Quality Management System implementation for Indian and for companies around the world.

EASY SOFTWARES is a sales portal of Trio Technologies where products and software designed by the highly talented engineers and software coders are available for sale. All software are available for a free usage for a period of 30 days with full functionality.

Regulatory and statutory information

Trio Technologies
865, 25th Main, 11th Cross, HSR Layout, Sector-1, Bengaluru - 560102, Karnataka, INDIA
580/08-09 dated 02-February-2009
  • Consulting Engineer

  • Software Sales

  • Software Licensing

  • 998393 for consulting services

  • 998434 for software downloads

  • 997331 for Licensing of computer software and databases




  • The following terms and conditions apply to all agreed / quoted services including consultancy, information research, design services or any related activities within the scope of activities of Trio Technologies

  • If there is any contradictions / conflict between these terms and customer's terms, unless agreed to in writing, these Trio Technologies's terms will prevail.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, all quotations are subject to change without any written notice to customer

  • Any costs provided in foreign currency is subject to change in accordance with the change in Indian Rupee value against USD / Euro / GBP

  • A provided quotation is valid only for the specific duration as mentioned in the quotation. Unless the quotation is accepted within this specific validity date, Trio Technologies reserves the right to amend the quote and after the validity, only a revised quote will be valid for a further period as mentioned in the revised quote.

  • All invoices shall be paid within the credit period agreed upon and mentioned in the invoice.

  • Any failure to effect the payment within the agreed timeline will attract a delayed payment interest at 36% per anum and shall be paid along with pending payments

  • All first time customers shall be required to pay the complete amount in advance prior to starting of service and will be eligible for an appropriate credit period only from second project onwards

  • ​Credit period offered may change based on the payment pattern of the customer and may also vary from customer to customer

  • All legal arbiterations and court cases are subject to Bengaluru jurisdiction only

  • Non payment of invoices and any evasive measures will attract legal proceedings by Trio Technologies

  • Invoices or advance payments once paid shall not be refunded or adjusted against any other projects under any conditions by Trio Technologies

  • Trio Technologies reserves the rights to accept projects or reject the same and is not obliged to offer any reason for the same

  • Any changes to the quoted value during the execution of the project will be informed by Trio Technologies in writing (Email / Letter / WhatsApp / SMS) and will be treated as accepted if no return response received within a period of 3 calendar days.

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